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Положение о сервисном обслуживании продукции Cooler Master

Before you start to use Cooler Masters services; please read our policy and disclaimer carefully and agree to all rules and conditions applied. If you have questions regarding the warranty issues, please check our Cooler Master Warranty Policy.

a. To improve our service for sales and customer satisfaction, Cooler Master has developed an efficient, automated system for all Cooler Master Products. The products that are shipped back to the customers will be for replacements of the models returned. This will help to maintain a constant supply of products available for a continuous and reliable system of returns.
b. Cooler Master will only make repairs and/or send replacement products for returns. Cooler Master will NOT accept any request for exchange to newer models and/or refunds.
c. The original customer purchasing the Cooler Master product is covered under the Cooler Master Warranty Program.
d. The warranty period is defined by the date of purchasing. Cooler Master cannot provide you with your actual date of purchase; it is your responsibility to contact the distributor/retailer you purchased the item from.
e. Missing Serial Numbers for any Cooler Master product that is defective and/or damaged are regarded as "out of warranty". Cooler Master will confirm that repair services can still be performed under the following conditions;

1. No physical damage to the item i.e. scratched, dents...etc

2. If Spare parts are still available for repair. Upon receiving and verifying your product is defective, a replacement product will be sent back to you. Replacement products will be warranted for the remainder of the original purchase date warranty.

f. Cooler Master will only be responsible for its own product repairs. If you find other components defected along with your system malfunction, you will have to contact each individual vendor to take care of your other repairs.
g. You will be held responsible for shipping the defective product(s) back to Cooler Master in good condition. To ensure your package will not be lost along the way, it is recommended you ship through a carrier that can provide you with a tracking number. (i.e. UPS or FedEx). If during the receiving of the defective product Cooler Master finds that:

1. The product has any shipping/physically damaged beyond repair or other damages due to abuse

2. The item is returned as a COD, forcing the shipping charges to Cooler Master; Cooler Master will then have the right to refuse your RMA and return your defective product back to you immediately.


Please read our policy and disclaimer carefully and agree to all rules and conditions applied and click on the Icon button 'I Agree'. Follow the simple and clear instructions to complete your request. You will receive an automated e-mail with a reference number.
Please note: To ensure that we can handle your request in a systematic and well organized manner, all RMA requests from end users must go through this process.

Find your original invoice:
Cooler Master offers a limited warranty on all of our Products with defects in material or workmanship from the original date of purchase from Cooler Master or a Cooler Master authorized dealer. If you have the original invoice from purchase and your product is still under warranty, Cooler Master will handle the repair at no cost. If no proof of purchase can be presented upon request, Cooler Master will not be held responsible for any warranty service.

Package the defective product with sufficient protection; please DO NOT include any accessories that originally came with the unit(s). Return the defective item to the address provided on the e-mail along with a copy of the original invoice.
Your assigned RMA number must CLEARLY be marked on the outside of the package.
Please note: you are responsible for the cost of shipping your defective product back to Cooler Master; Cooler Master will then take care of the shipping costs for the repaired/replacement part back to you.

Customers located outside of the U.S.A will be responsible for any Customs Releases charges and/or Duty Fees.

Once Cooler Master receives your RMA, we will start to process your RMA and ship out the repaired/replaced unit within 5-7 working days. Depending upon item availability, some repair/replacement RMAs may be delayed.